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Welcome      Beinvenida      E Komo Mai

For me, skin health and wellness comes down to education and respecting the integrity of the skin. I like to think of the skin as my love language and I am here to help guide and encourage you to embrace and enjoy the skin you're in.


My story: 

I have spent the last fifteen years as a licensed professional in the esthetics industry. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunities to work in all facets of this field. 

I got my start working for an Ayurveda practice and getting really comfortable with the holistic side of skincare. 
Within a few years of my career I was offered a position to get trained in medical esthetics and certified in cosmetic lasers working for a Mohs Dermatologist; chemical peels, microneedling and lasers became my new jam.
Fast forward a few years, I made the decision to become a one person show and go back to what I love most, esthetics. I opened a small studio in the basement of an old stinky building because that's what I could afford, and then sprinkled some love and creativity into Hermosa Esthetics LLC, my first skin studio. I trained under Lori Nestor and got certified as a speed waxer, was introduced and trained in dermaplaning (at that time nobody had a clue what that even meant, oh how times have changed), and honed in on my lash and brow game.


Of course as time went by I got the itch that I needed something more and decided it was time to pursue my Instructors license. 
One year later and another career move got me involved with a pair of doctors who recruited me to be an instructor in the school they wanted to build, but in the mean time asked if I would work in their medi-spa. This lateral move had me back to running lasers, dermaplaning and giving Hydrafacials, on top of that a colleague and I were sent to NIMA (National Institute of Medical Esthetics) where we trained and certified in PMU for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip blush. 


Included in this time line I was sent to train with a skincare company called Phytomer, which led to an obsession with the most amazing skincare products on this planet, yep I said that. To whittle this story, now autobiography down a little I begged and manifested my way into Phytomer and was hired on as a national educator where I spent three years traveling and training spa's, estheticians and massage therapists Phytomer's brands in cosmetic chemistry and protocols. If you love to nerd out we can talk marine biotechnology all day long!


Back to my novel. What happened next shocked me and everyone I know, I fell in love with a man who lived on an island and BOOM! just like that I found myself living in paradise and back to working in medical esthetics in Dermatology. Two and half years later and BAM! #covid19, a freaking pandemic and what do you know...too much time to think about life, careers and the pursuit of happiness. Next thing I knew I had a Hawai'i Esthetics Instructors license, a part time gig teaching at the beauty school and a tattoo license to finally put to use all of my past training into creating art on skin.  

If I lost you one thousand words ago, it's okay because that means you are on my website and can see for yourself what I'm up to. So here we go, thanks for tuning into the autobiography I told @alyssabrandtdesigns I couldn't write because I hate talking about myself (I hope you are rolling your eyes and laughing). 

Mahalo nui, 


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